Meet Our Agents For Missouri Medicare Benefits

Meet Our Agents

At Olympus Insurance Associates, our agents are more than just experienced insurance professionals. They are guiding stars to help you choose the best Missouri Medicare benefits.

Navigating all the options of Medicare can be daunting on your own, but with our agents by your side, you can be assured of choosing the ideal coverage tailored just for you.

With a keen understanding of the marketplace and a genuine passion for helping others, our team is dedicated to assist you in selecting the the best coverage at the most effective cost.

Dayton Ault - Olympus Missouri Medicare Insurance Agency

Dayton Ault


Dayton's career in the health insurance industry is defined by pioneering efforts, particularly focusing on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In 1976, he established one of the nation's first Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) in Salem, Oregon, where he served as the plan's CFO and Underwriter for 15 years, achieving profitability while most similar programs relied on federal funding.

In 2014, Dayton submitted an early ACA application in November 2013, which faced initial technical difficulties, but played a crucial role in shaping the ACA's early years. Today, he seamlessly integrates his ACA expertise into his work at Olympus Insurance Associates, demonstrating his commitment to navigating the complexities of the health insurance sector.

Patty Bacon - Olympus Missouri Medicare Insurance Agency

Patty Bacon


Patty Bacon, a seasoned professional in the insurance domain, commenced her journey in 2016 with Essence Healthcare, one of Missouri's premier Medicare Advantage providers. Over the years, she has garnered immense knowledge and stays continuously updated with the latest developments in Medicare, positioning her as a trusted expert in the field.

Patty's unwavering commitment has always been towards the welfare of her clients, ensuring they receive the best coverage tailored to their individual needs. This dedication to client-centricity prompted her transition to becoming an independent broker in 2022. In this role, Patty meticulously assesses the unique needs and circumstances of each client, empowering them with the information and guidance required to make well-informed decisions regarding their insurance choices.


Van Hernandez


Van Hernandez embarked on his insurance career in 2024, leveraging his experience as a medical courier to transition into a role where he could have a direct impact on people's lives. Guided by his personal values, Van treats clients like family, prioritizing honesty, integrity, and transparency in all interactions. As a dedicated husband and new father, he understands the profound responsibility of securing the future and protecting loved ones. This sense of duty extends to his work ethic, where he consistently goes above and beyond to ensure his clients receive the best possible service and coverage.

Outside of the office, Van finds fulfillment in spending time with his family, exploring the outdoors, and participating in community events. These personal interests not only bring balance to his life but also enrich his professional endeavors, fueling his passion for helping others and his dedication to providing informed guidance and support to his clients.

Van's genuine desire to make a positive difference, coupled with his strong work ethic and personal values, sets him apart as a trusted insurance advisor who consistently advocates for his clients' best interests.


Wes Smith


Weston "Wes" Smith transitioned into the health insurance industry in 2023, with a rich background as an entrepreneur in landscape and holiday lighting. His venture into Medicare and insurance for individuals under 65 is driven by a desire to clarify the complexities of insurance, ensuring clients navigate their options with confidence.
At Olympus Insurance Associates, Wes leverages his experience in client service and operational oversight, focusing on personalized engagement. Committed to lifelong learning and building lasting relationships, he aims to empower clients with informed choices. Outside work, Wes finds strength and inspiration in his family, friends, and faith, which guide his approach to life and work.
Ryan Stewart - Olympus Missouri Medicare Insurance Agency

Ryan Stewart


Ryan Stewart embarked on his insurance career in 2018, assisting Senior Insurance Services alongside his father. Following his father's unfortunate demise, Ryan expanded his expertise by gaining experience at a respected local brokerage, where he dedicated nearly two years.

In 2023, he proudly re-established his independent brokerage and is keen to specialize in Medicare as well as insurance for individuals under the age of 65.

Outside of his professional commitments, Ryan cherishes moments outdoors with his family. He and his wife, Ashley, are blessed with three children: their eldest daughter, Mackenzie, their middle son, Benjamin, and their youngest son, Gavin.

As an independent Medicare insurance brokerage, our agents are not tethered to any single insurance company. This independence grants us the flexibility and scope to explore all of the options from our insurance partners.

Our sole mission is to help you find the best possible coverage based on your individual needs. With Olympus Insurance Associates, you're not just choosing the best Missouri Medicare benefits, you're choosing an insurance partner that is dedicated to your well-being.

We invite you to connect personally with any of our agents to start your journey towards peace of mind.

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